D.I.Y. Hair Strengthening Mask


Hello Beauties!

I am back today with another chocolate-themed beauty treatment!

Why It Works:

  • Cocoa Powder: This contains magnesium, which helps combat hair loss. It adds shine and volume to the hair all while helping it grow.
  • Honey: This is vital to many home beauty treatments. Honey is a natural moisturizer that helps nourish the hair.
  • Biotin: This is a great vitamin not only to ingest, but apply topically. Biotin will help the hair by strengthening each strand.
  • Olive Oil: This ingredient is also a natural moisturizer. It also helps mend your broken strands back together.

Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

What You'll need


  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Olive Oil
  • 100% Cocoa Powder
  • Honey
  • Biotin Capsules 
  • Scissors

What To Do:

1. Add five tablespoons of cocoa powder to your bowl.

Cocoa Powder

2. Add 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil to your cocoa powder.

oil and powder

3. Next, take your scissors and very carefully snip the tips off of four  biotin capsules (one at a time) and squeeze the liquid from each into your bowl.

photo 4


4. Now add honey to the other ingredients and mix well. Add enough honey that it makes the mixture thick, but still runny. If you accidentally make it too thick, just add more olive oil.

photo 5

5. Now it’s time to apply! I recommend putting on an old t-shirt or a dark shirt. Section your hair off however you see fit, and saturate your hair with the mask. Do this over a sink for it gets very messy! Start with the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

6. When your hair is completely covered, pin your hair up to get it out of the way. Don’t use a pony-tail holder or it will get stuck.


7. *Optional* Wrap your hair with cellophane to let the mixture soak in.

8. Let the mask sit on your hair for 1-2 hours. ***Caution: People with light/bleached hair: Letting sit for too long may cause a dark tinge to your hair after washing

9. After time has passed, shampoo and condition normally, and enjoy your stronger hair!

I recommend doing this mask 1-2 times a week depending on how damaged your hair is. This recipe can also be altered depending on the length or thickness of your hair.

If you try this out let me know and tell me how you liked it! I love hearing from you guys!


Stay classy… And sassy






“God’s Not Dead” Movie Review


Hello Beauties!

I wouldn’t normally be inclined to write about a subject such as a movie, but this movie in particular sparked something in me, so I decided to share.

Last night I went with my wonderful boyfriend to see the movie “God’s Not Dead” and I was very excited. Being a believer myself I was enthused at the thought of a teaching tool that would be objective, informative, and would reach masses. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed.

The main plot of the movie was focused on a Christian male college freshman who entered into a Intro to Philosophy course in his first semester. The dilemma is that his professor is an Atheist and wants to begin the class with a mutual agreement that “God is dead”, for argument’s sake. For the class’s first assignment they must write “God is dead” on a piece of paper and sign their name, therefore stating an agreement that for that class, they can make the assumption that God is in fact, dead. Not meaning that God died, but the idea of him is dead, because he never existed at all. The main character refuses to do so because he is a Christian, so his professor comes up with an agreement that he must debate the existence of God in front of the class and the story continues from there.

This plot line, to me, sounded very interesting and I was quite excited. However, this is not what the plot stuck to.

There were many sub-plots within the film that were very stereotypical in nature and some degree offensive to my sensibilities. The one that caught most of my attention was a Muslim girl who was secretly a Christian, and when her father found out he beat her and kicked her out. And how did things like this connect to the main plot line you ask? All of the characters ended up at the same concert at the end. Logical right? (This is sarcasm for those who can’t detect that.)

There is also a car accident involved in the end, where the professor is hit and dedicates his life to Christ right before dying. While this may be awe-inspiring to a Christian, it is not so much for skeptics.

You see, it is my opinion (and purely my opinion before you get offended), that it is our duty as believers to appeal to the masses; to spread the word of God truthfully and honestly. When we combine stereotypes with cheesy acting and script work, it tends to remind people why they aren’t Christians in the first place. This is the exact thing I like to avoid in my own life. I want to invite people to get to know God. Not to be religious, but to form a personal relationship with our father. (Call me crazy.) It honestly just hurts to see such propaganda like this that can potentially turn people away from the best relationship they will ever have.

Granted, many of the argumentative points made in the main plot line were great points. To a skeptic though, those points, no matter how great they may be, will be overshadowed by the stereotyping and things that they don’t agree with.

Now I don’t know the original intended audience for this film, but to me, it should be people who don’t believe. I think that if we are going to take the time to put something like this into the media, that it should be worthwhile. It should be aimed to change lives, not just feed Christians’ egos.

Stay classy… And sassy


Road Trip Outfit Inspiration


Hello Beauties!

I went on a mini road trip a couple of days ago with my wonderful man, and we had a wonderful time!

Our first stop was an old-school soda shop, then we went to an old barn, and just added to the adventure from there.

Although it has been warm during the daytime here in ol’ Okie, it still gets cold in the evenings, so I included a sunset option for those who like to stay warm like myself.

Outfit Details:

  • White Button-up: Cutter and Buck
  • Black Ankle-Length Pants: Target
  • Nude Pointed-Toe Faux-Suede Shoes: Forever 21
  • Floppy Circle Rim Hat: Forever 21
  • Multi-Chain Gold Necklace: Forever 21

When the sun goes down… Just add a cozy cardigan!

Shag-Cloth Mustard Cardigan: Forever 21

Day OutfitNecklace



Sunset Option

Stay Classy… And sassy


D.I.Y. Reparative Facial Mask


Hello my beauties!

Today I have a fun and easy-to-make reparative facial mask for you to try! (Plus it smells like chocolate!)

Why It Works:

  • Cocoa Powder: This contains great antioxidants that help to detox the skin, and even skin tone.
  • Powder Aspirin: Aspirin is wonderful for acne prone skin. It works naturally to remove dead skin and impurities.
  • Honey: Honey provides natural moisture for the skin and also works as a calming agent.

Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

What you will need

  • Bowl
  • Spoon or Fork
  • BC brand POWDER Aspirin
  • Pure Cocoa Powder
  • Organic Honey
  • Very small amount of Water
  • Your Face (Very important)

What To Do:

1. First, take out two packets of the BC Powder Aspirin. If you’ve never seen these before, they look something like a strip of chewing gum; like this:

BC Powder Aspirin

2. Next, pour each of the two packets of aspirin into your bowl with the small amount of water.

Aspirin Water

3. Now, add in 2-3 spoonfuls of cocoa powder to the mixture.


4. Add a tablespoon of honey, and mix well. The final product should be a consistency close to melted ice cream, but a little thicker. It should look something like this:

Final Product

5. Now rinse your face for 1-2 minutes with warm water to open your pores, then apply the mask to your face. You will look a little frightening, but its all for healthy skin, right? (PS: This was meant to be an “Oooo” face, not a duck face lol)

Scary Chocolate Face

6. Let the mask harden for 10-20 minutes, then rinse completely off with warm water. Finish off skin with toner and moisturizer.

If you try this out be sure to let me know how you like it! I love hearing your feedback!

Stay Classy (And Sassy)




Hello Beauties!

I write this to you in regret, for I have not posted in a while. (So cliché, I know.) Recently, I have found myself with stacks of papers to complete and also a lack of inspiration. My sincerest apologies. You can now count on Living In Lipstick to be fully functioning. Thank you for sticking around through my adventures.


Stay classy,

(and sassy)



Winter-esque Date Night


The temperature dropped a few degrees in ol’ Okie today, but of course this didn’t stop me from wearing a sleeveless dress. (I know, rebel without a cause.) I did wind up wearing a coat, although forgot to take photo evidence of the occurrence.

On a side note, my boyfriend showed up at my house tonight unexpectedly, with a dress (the one I’m wearing) in hand, and told me to get “prettied up” so we could go on a date. I knew I kept him around for some reason. (;

Outfit details are as follows…

Dress: Black Quilt Detailed Keyhole Dress (Target, courtesy of boyfriend)
Tights: Cream Polka-Dot Tights (Forever 21)
Shoes: Red Strapped Kitten Heels (Target)
Necklace: Gold Statement Necklace (Forever 21)

Photographs By: Jesse Love





On The Day of Christmas


It is finally here! My favorite day of the year. Christmas has always held a warm place in my heart.

My day will be spent with my family as well as my boyfriend’s family. I am especially looking forward to lobster bisque for dinner. 😋

The weather is neither warm nor cold in ol’ Okie today, so this is why you won’t see me all bundled up.

Outfit details are as follows…

Sweater: Baggy Navy High-Low Quarter Sleeve Sweater (Forever 21)
Pants: Black Ankle Length Dress Pants (Target)
Shoes: Faux Suede Nude Flats (Forever 21)
Necklace: Gold Statement Necklace (Forever 21)
Ring: Cushion Cut Yellow Gold (Zales) {Anniversary present from about a year ago; I wear it every day}





Photographer: Jesse Love